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Fred. Olsen Investments manages new investment opportunities for Bonheur ASA.

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Cenate is a Norwegian company developing and producing silicon-containing anode materials to be directly used in today´s lithium ion batteries. The company is collaborating with some of the world’s leading battery producers and builds on Norway’s long silicon industrial competence as well as the Dynatec network with its 200 employees.

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NPP Renewables

NPP Renewables is based in Vejle, Denmark, with further offices in Denmark, the US and Taiwan, and operates out of two main subsidiaries respectively: New Power Partners, a renewables consultancy with a particular focus on offshore wind, and Site Solution Partners, a site logistics and accommodation provider for onshore and offshore projects.

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Tepeo has developed a Zero Emissions Boiler (ZEB), enabling the transition away from fossil fuel heating to electrification. The ZEB, an electric boiler and thermal battery rolled into one, not only accelerates the reduction of heating-associated carbon emissions, but also allows heating to become a flexible load. This means that customers can use the greenest and cheapest electricity to heat their homes, with the thermal battery automatically charging at optimum times. Tepeo is located in Wokingham, UK.

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measurable.energy (m.e) has developed hardware-enabled software which offers facility managers, building owners and occupants real-time energy and GHG emissions monitoring, control, and data-driven optimisation to eliminate wasted energy. The solution comprises m.e power sockets and energy management software, which, together, achieve significant cost and carbon savings for their customers. m.e is located in Reading, UK.

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Celsia provides a software solution for sustainability management and reporting, in accordance with the EU Taxonomy and emerging sustainability standards and requirements.

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